The Opposite of Sad – ‎Lost Again @TOOS_twt


The Opposite of Sad’s “Lost Again” was shot in Los Angeles, CA and it was just a Vlog style music video he shot and edited himself. He wanted to have a version of himself that was “damaged” with a smile and frown scarred into his face to show the split personalities. The effect TOoS used was to portray the subject high on drugs lost in his head, again.

Apollon Tomacic – Niaros was birthed in Athens, Greece in September of 94. His name carries alot of power behind it so he was always destined for greatness. He started playing instruments in grade school but at the age of 15 found electronic music and became a rave kid. Going to underground raves in Chicago he aspired to be a DJ and began producing music on a laptop. He got caught up in a serious depression and was not leading a good life abusing drugs.

At the age of 21 he drank a vile of LSD and almost broke into the next life but somehow he came back into his body and woke up in the hospital. The doctors were amazed he was able to walk and talk, the cops left since he was there for 12 hours and they let him go. The next day his friend came and the day after they ate a sheet of acid he found leaving the music festival they were at.

Then came another year of abusing Xanax and alcohol trying to cope with his new altered reality. He got into Icon music production school in Jan 2017 and stopped abusing drugs and focused on production. This school showed him the industry and he chose not to be an EDM DJ. The school pushed him to sing early 2018 and naturally what started to come out was the product you hear today.

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