Auction House Beats To Return With A New Site But The Same Great Service.


Auction House Beats is the first online auction house that deals with exclusive beats,and for the last few years they have been providing artists a way to get exclusive beats from producer in a way that is not only productive, but unique. Zak “ThreadyBeats” Threadgill is the Owner and CEO of Auction House Beats, and he will break down how it works.

What is AHB?

Auction House Beats is the world’s first online auction house dedicated to exclusive beats.

How does AHB work?

All users on the website get a “wallet.” Artists deposit money into their wallet and use it to bid on beats. When an auction ends, the funds are immediately transferred to the producer’s wallet who can then cash out at any time through Paypal.

Open Market: The open market features listings from all account levels and will include all account types in the discover function.

Professional Market: The Professional Market is reserved for only Verified Pro Accounts and will only show Verified Pros is the discover function

Are there rules?

All beats must be 100% exclusive with no previous leases and include the stems (trackout), tempo, and key.

Why sell Exclusive beats?

Established recording artists and those wishing to build a name all want unique beats. They want to make songs with beats that no one else has. Exclusive beats are huge benefit to artists who wish to sign with labels as it shows they are willing to invest in themselves while delivering a product that other artists don’t have.

Why Auctions?

Many producers struggle with how to price their exclusive beats, an auction is the best way to find your market value and get the most money for each sale. The hotter the beat, the more bids, the more money you make.

As you can see,this is a unique and effective way for producers to sell beats and for artists to get them. as we roll into 2020 Zak is overhauling the old site and promises a new look and new features. you can check out the old site HERE
You can contact Zak via Email at
And you can follow their Facebook page Here

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