Track: Cashious – If It Was You | @Cashious_Is_Clae

Cashious – If It Was You
Cashious – If It Was You

Track: Cashious – If It Was You

Born and raised in the city of Corpus Christi Texas, Cashious became influenced by his fathers music at a young age. Being the middle child, his time was spent like any other kid, except having instruments & music played around him at all times. As time went on, he ventured out into the world of engineering a couple of artists in his hometown. Being in the creative stage he was in, he began to write songs in privacy until he became comfortable & recorded his first record. The sounds of his voice & versitile melodies built his fan base which gave him a much more reason to persue the music career. Within a short time he was asked to record at a local recording studio, Freddie Records. Releasing his first album, My Resume, gave light to his soon to be life in the music business. Soon after, Cashious went on to become an independent artist working with a various group of artists & producers Texas wide. The road to his long lived dream has had its bumps, but he continues to create new music as the 29 year old enters 2016. Soon to release his new solo album, IF IT WAS YOU, gives the audience his views at where he is now in the music life.

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