Portland’s Mic Capes Presents His “Concrete Dreams” Project


Portland’s rising star Mic Capes drops his long awaited album “Concrete Dreams” after four years of perfecting the album. The saying “you can’t rush great art” definitely applies to Cape’s sophomore release as you can hear the blood, sweat and tears put into this project from first listen. From the opening “Alia’s Prologue” featuring Alia Zin to the closing North Portland anthem, “Jumper Cables”, featuring Vinnie Dewayne, Mic uses an array of producers and musicians throughout the 19 track project but it’s Capes himself who is the breakout star.

Topics range from police brutality, gang violence and aspirations of making it out of the neighborhood. The stand out track “Black Pearls” taps Trox and Tony Ozier for production with vocal stylings from Aaron O’Bryan Smith, an ode to the strong black woman. Mic even draws inspiration from his own personal relationship. Take your time with this album as it definitely deserves your full attention. Listen to the album via Spotify below.

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