Video: Arizona’s Deep Roots Cypher 2.0 | @DEEPROOTSTEMPE

Video: Arizona's Deep Roots Cypher 2.0
Video: Arizona's Deep Roots Cypher 2.0

Video: Arizona’s Deep Roots Cypher 2.0

The Deep Roots Sunday Cypher is an ongoing constantly changing cypher consisting of the top artists in Arizona founded by R2 of the Super Audio Bros. And Deep Roots Studios, Mic Myers (The Boogeyman) and The Great Gillaspie of the Fleet Production Company. We wanted to build a platform for artists of a similar pedigree so to speak to network, collaborate, grow and flourish collectively as well as cross promote themselves through eachothers fanbases and or followings. We believe that the cypher is a very important component to hip hop culture which is why we wanted to create something like this. The variety of production and eclectic rosters always provide an electrifying showcase of Hip Hop. The production is sourced from the Fleet Production Company and Deep Roots very own production team The Super Audio Bros. (Enz-One, The Great Gillaspie, R2) Between Deep Roots Studios, Mic Myers and a board of directors, the talent and participants are chosen for the said cyphers. Here is the roster for the the DEEP ROOTS SUNDAY CYPHER 2.0 In order.

1. Mega Ran
Twitter: @megaran
Instagram: @randombeats

2. J Rod The Problem
Twitter: @jrodtheproblem2
Instagram: @jrodtheproblem38

3. Mic Myers
Twitter: @mic_myers
Instagram: @micmyers

4. Mr. Miranda
Twitter: @mistermiranda83
Instagram: @mistermiranda

5. Penny The Great
Twitter: @pennythagreat
Instagram: @pennythagreat

6. Felix The Bag of Tricks Cat
Twitter: @bagoftrickscat
Instagram: @bagoftrickscat

7. Kirsin
Twitter: @kirsinmusic
Instagram: @kirsinmusic

The Fleet Production Company:

Deep Roots Sunday Cypher:

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