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Los Angeles based artist surfwav.eatn drops off his new EP, “music to cry to”. This project is an eclectic collection of emotionally numb autotune laced ballads about heartbreak , despair, and the desensitized feelings of an unhealthy mental state. surfwav stays true to his moniker diving deep into the water exploring the depths of depression showing a more vulnerable side using music as an outlet to vent through. Available now on all streaming services be sure to look out for more new music from this emerging artist as surf sets to follow up a busy 2018 with a steady output of releases scheduled throughout the new year.

surfwav.eatn born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA but based out of Los Angeles. Growing up, he idolized local hometown hero Pharrell Williams. Leading to an interest in skateboarding, fashion, and music. Originally a fan of more lyrical hip hop like Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, as surf got older he became musically inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne , Gucci Mane, Max B, and Wiz Khalifa. His moniker comes from Surf being an ode to his hometown Virginia Beach, the Wav paying homage to Max B, and eatn being his last name given at birth. He originally started doing music with his friends from high school after getting in trouble with the law he decided to take music more seriously and pursue it professionally.

From there, Surf began molding his genre bending experimental sound that he continues to craft to perfection to this day. Mixing authentic life experiences with hyperbole Surf brings a vibe to his music like no other taking you for a ride on every track. Always the innovator never the imitator Surf continues to strive to create and spread influential, relatable, authentic content while navigating the waters of the music industry.

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