Dan Onkar – UnStable @DanOnkar


Singer/Songwriter Dan Onkar from North London, has announced the release of his second EP, “UnStable”. On this EP, Dan questions his values as well as societal values and expectations. The EP has a feel of clinging on to Nostalgia, on songs like “Woodstock” he croons about dealing with certain tasks in life at a later time while basking in pleasant memories and on “Take your time”, he deals with the nostalgia in a different way as he delves into a garage production. “Losing Control”, featuring singer Emily Rhoades, is an introspective song that really embodies what the feel of the entire project is about.

Dan Onkar is an introspective Alternative R&B singer-songwriter from London, He also describes his music as confessional mood music. Inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Luther Vandross, Fela… Dan’s music merges introspective writing and confession with dark bass driven production Over the years, Dan’s worked behind the scenes, writing and producing for singers under JOAT group, Black Diamond/Warner, IMHOTEP and Disturbing London to name a few.

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