Davy – Valley Theory @planetdavy


Meet Davy – an 18 year old artist from downtown Toronto. Best described as a futuristic hippie, Davy’s psychedelic aesthetic is reflected in his music, videos, and drawings. While still in high school, Davy has garnered a reputation from throwing massive underground parties, helping other artists his age find their sound, and having a distinct online personality. He spent the last two years recording, writing, producing and engineering himself and his contemporaries from his home studio. He’s emerged this year with a passionate & polished sound, tapping into his own pool of creativity whether on a trap or boom-bap beat. While his songs are reminiscent of many other contemporaries like Travis Scott, KILLY and Jaden Smith, his voice sets him apart from the crowd.

Valley Theory has been in the works since 2017, when Davy first began writing and producing it home alone. Inspired by a his first house party, tempered multiple romantic relationships, Valley Theory uses the contrast between Toronto’s Don Valley and downtown area to convey the duality of monogamy. After re-recording, re-shooting, and enlisting multiple creatives to help mix and produce the record, it was finished in the fall of 2018. However, having cheated, cheated with, and been cheated on, the emotional pain of this record prolonged its release until the spring of 2019. The music video is overwhelmingly colorful and energetic, and hints at a hidden meaning beneath the surface of partying and performing. Valley Theory is the first song from Davy’s debut LP “Blue Moon”, an conceptual album that is still in the works. Follow Davy on Instagram @daavyy.

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