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Eyeless Silas is a multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer mainly gaining his buzz from his unique beat production and soundscapes. Hailing from Boston, MA, At age 22, Silas has independently distributed his music through his own label “VisionVilleMusic”, selling out venues at ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ twice in 2017, releasing his debut EP in 2018 along with two fully self-produced and engineered short length Albums entitled “Moment Of Silas” (2016) and “Microwave Society” (2018) which is available now on all platforms. Here’s one of the album’s singles, “The World Is Falling”.

“The World Is Falling” is a song that describes the everyday struggle of doubting yourself, losing yourself, then finding yourself again through a higher calling. Everyone needs a hero, whether that be a super hero with a cape, a fireman, a lover, or even God. Even though the world is in horrible condition there is still hope. You don’t find happiness you create it and that’s what this song is about, being surrounded by all this negative energy but still finding peace and positivist through all of the pain.

At the young age of 9, Eyeless picked up his first instrument, the electric guitar. He soon fell in love with music and starting writing his own songs but didn’t quite know what he was capable of until he starting getting involved with producing and recording his own records. It wasn’t until 2013 when Eyeless starting putting out his songs on SoundCloud and YouTube. Growing up in a small, musically unorganized city such as Boston, he didn’t gain much attention anywhere else across the states but the local audience knew who was the best producer in town if you ask any engineers from the midtown area.

In 2014, Eyeless came home from school one day and found an eviction notice on his door leading to his first debut single “Home” which was the first addition to his 2016 “Moment Of Silas” mixtape. After that he became a different person let alone a different artist. Forced to find new ways to occupy himself, Eyeless studied sound design at the Berkley College of Music after working full time shifts as a janitor. He became so enthusiastic and passionate about vibrations and the science of sound.

Eyeless started posting videos of himself making beats in his car on social medias like Instagram and Facebook. Artists Dayou, BaeGod, Nate Curry, and channels like BedroomTrap reached out to Eyeless complimenting his beat skills. Growing a strong relationship with these popular underground artists, he was able to conduct the biggest collaboration of the SoundCloud era (“Better Now”) which released on all platforms giving Eyeless Silas the mainstream buzz that he deserved. After his studies he would find side hustles and creative ways to finish his mixtape (Moment Of Silas) and publish his videos without being in his studio.

He slept and WORKED in his car for a living by charging local artists for a service he called “Mobile Mic” where he would drive to artist’s house, record, produce, and engineer for them in his ’02 Jetta.

Honestly, it sounds crazy I know. But sonically a small car like mine was kind of perfect, acoustically speaking. It just worked out so conveniently…I would wake up in the morning and find a Starbucks where I could charge my laptop. Within 20 minutes I would have phone calls of artists trying to book sessions with me. I don’t really know who started hyping my name as the ‘best’ in town but, truthfully no one was doing what I was doing at the time. It was innovative, it was new” Eyeless states. Juggling both his side hustle as a mobile producer and finalizing his mixtape Eyeless used every bit of his income for his investment in selling his own clothing wear later released in 2016 including the popular collection “Visions”.

The design contained the outlined shape of an eye with the pupil being the head of an alien. Eyeless says “It was the perfect interpretation of who I am and what I stand for. I believe what we see in our mind is more powerful and real than anything we pollute our perception of life with in this third dimension we call a reality.

With the support of local artists, friends, and fans Eyeless was able to push out over 100 sales in his custom hoodies and t-shirt designs. But the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t enough to make him instantly famous, but it was enough for a big move.

At this point in his life, Eyeless was over-cumbering himself with stress and soon became severely depressed and unmotivated with his music. He wasn’t able to work as comfortably and freely as he did before which made him very unconfident as an artist. He stopped doing shows, stopped accepting collaborations with other artists and completely purged his identity as a musician. Eyeless did not release any NEW content for the 7 months he was homeless but managed to put together a 6 track R&B EP consisting new versions of previously released songs that were exclusively available on soundcloud for his fans to listen to on all streaming platforms all-the-while working on his next project which would later become his first self-produced debut album “Microwave Society”.

After taking a 7 month break from the spotlight Eyeless Silas comes back with a brand new jam called “The Push”. The song is currently listed as the most popular record from his September 1, 2018 (short album) release titled “Microwave Society”. Eyeless Silas is letting us know a lot has changed over the last 7 months. His flow sounds more polished, decisive and confident. Eyeless Silas has always been known for pushing the envelope as far as sound goes and this album was no different. He shows off a different side to himself that many of us who listened to him as recent as early 2017 might find his new stuff to sound like a completely different person. This multi-genre artist is certainly looking like a vessel for amazing and diverse music. Silas has a unique ability to create hit music no matter what genre he decides to cross with one another.

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