Khawaja – RIP @khawajaonrepeat


Khawaja’s latest single, “RIP”, was produced by CashMoneyAp and 30Hertz Beats. It shows the break up from a toxic relationship and the realization of how toxic someone can be to them. Saying “RIP” to the relationship and what it was, Khawaja gives us a reason to text our exes and bring out the drinks at 2am.

Khawaja, a rapper, singer, writer, producer straight out of Houston, TX, breaks ground with a new single, “RIP”. Born in Karachi (April, 20th 1996) Ahmed Khawaja goes by his stage name Khawaja, which means master. The 22 year old says he wants to master all his musical abilities and be great in multiple genres including HipHop, RnB, Rock, Pop and International. He says he has an appreciation for all types of music and tries to incorporate different genres into his sound. He says he grew up going to music for everything. His friends used to host rap cyphers after school and he went to them learning and gaining a name for himself.

Slowly over time, Khawaja started recording songs and dropped 2 projects CIVILWAR and LOSTTIME along with a couple singles. RIP is his newest single. A breakup song for this generation. He says his goal as an artist is to “be the best I can” and “help develop a new sound.” The artist loves when his music can help people through life. The young artist says he loves when his music has an impact on others. He says he’s influenced by everyone in the arts; actors, painters, producers, directors etc. Khawaja’s also dropped a couple remixes, Gods Plan – Drake , Rockstar – Post Malone, and Powerglide – Raesremmurd. Each song Khawaja constructs he puts his all into. With powerful raw vocals that make you feel each lyric and production that helps you gain a sense of space and energy.

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