Mitchell O.B.M – Running Out Of Time @Mitchell12_89


Mitchell O.B.M explains his latest single, “Running Out Of Time”:

Running Out Of Time is about me explaining how I feel like I’m running out of time to make something of myself and make my parents proud so I’m focusing on bettering myself and making money.

Mitchell O.B.M is a Producer/ Rapper from Gary, Indiana that’s known for his bazaar instrumentals. He Got into producing after playing with garageband on his iphone and fell in love with the whole beat making process. After failing to find serious rappers to drop a compilation mixtape he decided to hop on a couple of beats he made himself and he gain the like of twister and a few other ig influencers. After rapping for 8 months he decided to drop a 8 track E.P (I’m on my Shit) as it did better than expected he decided to take rap serious and see where it takes him. Lil wayne is his biggest inspiration for music.

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