JDTheSun – The Vault: Volume O.N.E. @jdthesun


I wrote this a long time ago. This that real og redsun right here November 2020 what it says in my notes. I love this song so mf much it’s crazy the flute is one of the best instrumentals i done ever heard on a rap beat idc and I honestly wrote this better than I’ve written most of my songs. Its about me at a time when I was the only one who gave a fuck about my raps, when I was dealing with the bullshit of home life and realizing the life i want is nowhere near where my family is. It was at a time when I was really pushin the boundaries to what I could do with the pen, and I was the only one who was putting me to the test. everytime I perform this song it feels like every word is coming right from my soul it’s so fun to do it in one take and just listen to the first 30 second flute i fucken love this song fuck yall money tribe bih get ya bread up

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