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Onaje’ Releases “GOD Got A Plan” Available on GROUNDBREAKIN.COM and all streaming platforms.

The song “GOD Got A Plan” speaks to the person who’s sleepwalking throughout life. This song speaks life to the soul of the that person with buried ambition. This song describes the seasons we go through in life. It might appear that God is not hearing us, or we have reached our plateau in life. However, we have to trust and believe that the Creator has a plan already written out for our life before we came into existence. We only have faith so that it can be tested, Sometimes we have to simply wait on God’s timing.

Moreover, waiting on God does not mean that we wait idly. We have to actively wait. We must remain busy working with what God have already blessed us with. Some people feel that results can’t be obtained because of lack of resources. Sometimes if you have a little resources to start with, that is all you will need. Faith without works is dead. God will multiply your harvest at the right time if you stay the course. Some people view God as a personal genie; however, God is more like a head coach, he designs the play, and we have to execute it! #BARS

Onaje’ spits on the songs opening verse:

“…to survive inside of this world, you gotta get out of this world/
mind off diamonds and pearls,… jewels and gold/
..gain the world, lose ya soul, don’t lose ya girl, for choosing hoes/
..walls closing in, don’t lose control/
Give it to GOD, that’s cruise control….”

This song is produced by Chicago’s own Genius Boy. There is a video for GOD Got A Plan currently being edited for release. Onaje’ chose to use his blood sibling Jonah aka MC Nut as the star of the video and model for the album cover. Jonah currently is fighting off an unhealthy addiction in real life. However, in the video he is successful and is made free. Dear reader please include Jonah in your prayer that his addiction chains be broken (just as in the video). Hopefully the art can imitate life in this case.

“GOD Got A Plan” is intended to motivate and encourage. Onaje’ will continue to drop fire music with a message. Onaje’ has no intents on retiring. Onaje’ will use his every God given breath to create and leave an impact on this world.

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