Students From Harry Truman High-School Get a Lesson on being Leaders


Cymarshall Law visited the students at Harry Truman High-school in the Bronx to film the visuals for “Malcolm, Martin & Madiba” the 2nd single from the long awaited upcoming LP “Hip-hop in the Soul 3” The young people gave up their Saturday to absorb what Cymarshall Law had to share with them about music, video production and life in general. Putting his own words into action, Law is helping to encourage the youth to use their voice to make a difference and become the leader’s of the future.

Hip-Hop in the Soul 3 is the third installment of a critically acclaimed anthology of music emanating from the soul of a lyricist. The 14 song LP is a departure from the trendy trap tales flooding the airwaves and is more of a cerebral journey into the heart and soul of a Hip-hop purist.

Each offering in the series has garnered higher ground for Law teaming once again with producer Mr. Joeker, who masterfully orchestrates the emotional brevity of each track on the LP. Hip-hop in the Soul 3″ boasts features from the likes of Planet Asia , Homeboy, Sandman,Black Belt Poemz, Queen Herawin and Jordan Sokel




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