Tampa Bay Artist Gionni “Paperboy” Cassanova Taking Over

Tampa’s Gionni “Paperboy” Cassanova has broke into the hip hop business at the top floor. In 2020, GIONNI released his single “Bueno” hosted by Hip Hop icon Fat Joe. Only shows he can do more than just rap in english. With the help of Multi platinum artist The Game his single “Auto Rocket” hit number 7 in the world on the radio charts. The Tampa based rapper has co-signs by Busta Rhymes, JADAKISS, Scott Storch, Neyo and more. Set to release his new single Produced by non other than Zaytoven(6/9/23). Only means he’s just getting started. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a home predominantly Hispanic didn’t derail his curiosity from American Soul/Pop/Jazz etc. He began gathering skill as a songwriter, taking his influences from Nas all the way to Freddy Mercury and using them to shape his own style. His talent along with a blend of old and new school only added to his appeal. “I grew up with 90’s hip hop, Boombap beats southern bounce and West Coast melodies” Gionni explains, “ I naturally gravitate to that kind of sound and everything prior that propelled that sound…but I would never knock anything innovated and new because we as artist assist these dynamics in music” His Goal is to become the highest form of himself, demonstrate insatiable versatility and spread the news.

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