Crown La’trell – 13/The Hills @crownlatrell


Crown La’trell’s “13/The Hills” video was a project directed by Dizzy Dinero, produced by Veronika Latkina and Shot/edited by Dion Lynch.

The Concept displays Crown La’trell hanging out with his gang of friends doing what they do on a usual day. Smoking, Drinking, spray painting and being rowdy. La’trell then leaves friends and by a mysterious woman is given a unknown substance (pill). Crown wakes up in a random location with no recollection of how he got there and what took place the night before. While also seeing and being followed by a mysterious woman of which he doesn’t know is real or just an illusion.

Toronto artist by the name of Crown La’trell has a very hypnotic and scary, while soothing and Melo sound to his music. With a very distinct aesthetic from the rest. Not straying too far away from the dark sound known to his home city Toronto. Crown La’trell pulls from many influencers like Travis Scott, XxxTentacion, Lil Uzi Vert, The Weeknd and Chris Brown just to name a few. He started his music career off in 2016 with a mic and laptop in his room before upgrading to professional sounding studios.

La’trell has already released 2 full bodies of work as his latest “Floor 13” and his debut “B4 The Fame” back in 2017, helped him to gain some traction in the city. With songs like “Mention” and “Night show” off his debut Ep and “13” , “The Hills” and “Moon Pills” off his latest project, “Floor 13”.

Crown La’trell sonically creates very hypnotic, Melo and uptempo music that allows the listener to feel lost not only in his melodic vocals but in the creativity of his sound. When it comes to Crown La’trell you never know what you’ll get next. Which leaves his listeners craving/anticipating for more of his dark twisted melodic sounds.

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