FERRARI $MOKE – Expenses @vinniecassius


While ‘Expenses’ is one of vinniecassius’ aka FERRARI $MOKE’s more favorite well balanced rap / commercial tracks that have been unreleased, this is some of what you can expect from Ferrari‘s vault of music.

The visuals play nicely with the aggressive settings and content Ferrari is able to flawless display. With eerie visuals and a creative yet simple overall mood, Ferrari is setting his 2020 vibe with a whole new creative process centered around visuals and a sonic experience that takes you into a space creativity without boundaries and an all around anticipation of the growth and carving his own lane.

Ferrari is always polishing his styles making sure to stay ahead of the curb with new flows expanding his eclectic range.

Originally from North Carolina, from a young age, rapper/performer vinniecassius aka FERRARI $MOKE has had the tendency to push boundaries. Whether it be trying his hand at a poetry, basketball, or skateboarding; vinnie has always believed that he had the potential to accomplish great things in life.

“I believe in the power of the mind and in faith. I think it’s important to exhaust every God giving talent that we have inside of us. I strongly believe that my vision and my mission is undeniable, so even if you don’t feel it now, you will.” -Vinniecassius

Vinnie’s love for music started at a young age and as he got older he gravitated towards artists like Nas, Lil Wayne, Jay Electronic and The Roots. Just like the artist that he has idolized and studied, vinnie’s lyrics center around conventional rap themes. He flexes frequently flaunting his talent, and his past life, all while explaining his flawless drip. Vinnie’s use of tonality and effects makes his voice and lyrics less about the content and more about the style and attitude. *His voice acting as an instrument more than anything else.* Still while curating a simple yet powerful mood that slows down and weaves in and out of different flows. This creating a relaxing yet energetic night time vibe to all of his work. A “Theft in the night” as he would put it.

Though heavily influenced by many artists, vinnie believes the best artists are the ones who speak a language of transparency and truth. With this belief, he makes sure to stay true to himself by speaking truth and passion in every lyric.

Vinnie also has a very broad outlook on music. He believes live performances are just as important as the music itself. Live performances to him are an art form that many musicians don’t give much attention to these days. Because of this, he vigorously works hard to showcase his passion of music on stage. Making sure his shows are energetic, dynamic, and always captivating and unique.

Along with vinnie’s unique musical talent and performances, fashion is also a big part of who he is. Even when wearing layers of stylish clothes that clash or have vivid colors, vinnie has the tendency to make any outfit look trendy. Vinnie exudes confidence and takes comfort in the security of knowing that nobody else is like him. This same mindset is also connected to his live performances, visual arts, and music. This stylish timeless artist has developed a unique musical sound that has the potential to push the blend of sonics and content. He calls this a blend of “mixing consciousness with ignorance” while making thought provoking songs that has the ability to make people get out of their seats.

That same desire to push boundaries from a young age is now visible through vinnie’s artistry. His hope is that others who constantly challenge the status quo in life will gravitate towards his unconventional style of music. Not only listening but experiencing the sensation of an artist who dares to be different.

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