JAY DVRDEN is an uprising music craftsman from France. A 22-year-old , who started emo-rap in early 2019. His style of music is rap and rock. He draws his motivation from specialists like Paramore, Alice In Chains, Trent Reznor, Nirvana, Bring Me The Horizon, Lil Peep, Lana Del Rey, and Portishead. JAY has been experiencing individual agonies, and he found his ability is utilizing his sound to recuperate himself. He has likewise chosen to get it into the world and help other people defeat their hindrances and fight their demons.

“Sad Witch” is a piece of music that portrays the regular battle of young people as it is accepted that adolescents experience a great deal of inferred battle . JAY DVRDEN made this known in his music. He portrays a youngster evidently going through a sorrowful time which is shown by the look of hopelessness on her face as she lights up a cigarette and further retreats into herself by using multiple drugs. JAY caused us to comprehend through his music that, there are circumstances we get ourselves that we can’t resist the opportunity to break into tears. Right now, it discusses for the most part depression, loneliness, drugs, addiction, and broken love. JAY speaks to this property well by the tone and visuals of the music even by the exclusively wore by the one used to represent the discouraged and the dependent.

He likewise guaranteed the lonely, the depressed, the addicted that regardless of whether it appears to be dim, yet without a doubt, there’s constantly a promising end to present circumstances by guaranteeing them of not being separated from everyone else . All this love is because of the torment he has experienced himself. He knows how it feels and see it and attempt to associate with the depressed, lonely and addicted- “Cause I understand you…Drowned in depression…Tattoos covering my scars…They helped me through my past.”

He attempts to expand familiarity with this overall sickness gobbling up spirits. He simply wishes for a certain something and that is to see this individuals grin again and he couldn’t care less whatever it cost him since he knows how it feels like and how troublesome it very well may be.

He likewise supports whoever that found his or herself in this mess (so to state) to shout out and thusly, they’ll without a doubt find support.

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