Jerico – Blue Pill @Jerico_Levi


Jerico aims to bring the people up out of the matrix by destroying the “Blue Pill”. The Thomas Roskopp directed video can be found on from the “Cactus Flower” mixtape and was produced by DeCicco.

To know Jerico Levi all you have to do is listen to his music. Like his forefathers Hemmingway and Shakespeare, his words are not only relatable but remarkable. With a genre he calls “reality rap” taken on by predecessors such as 2Pac, Drake and Maxo Kream, the tone is set by a somewhat endearing sense that what you hear is less of a song, and more of a diary. Ranging from getting kicked out, to waiting for the 1st of the month, to introspective moments of emotion. You’re taken on a modal stroll through his 23 year old life. Essentially an underground rapper trying to get a record deal. He questioned if he needed to dye his hair red and adopt a dread-lock style. And in all honestly, one look at today’s rapper made me question the same thing.

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