“Phases” is the first song off jJ’s newest project, “lowercase”. “I been counting down the days, I been constantly counted out. I been going through these phases!”

The video uses a montage of vivid visuals that put together a story behind these lyrics that allow the viewers to understand the different phases jJ’s experienced in his journey so far.

Based in the east end of Toronto, Malvern, jJ is a 23 year old emcee and producer looking to change the stereotype of hip-hop while building the culture. His major influences and creative ideals stem from the first time he heard Jay-Z’s Black Album on his mother’s iPod Nano. From that point, his love for hiphop and its culture began to fester and take form. Thanks to his Jamaican & Memphis roots, jJ was able to immerse himself in the varieties of sound. His rhyme style of story telling came to fruition after taking influence from Kid Cudi – helping him understand that there is more than one way to deliver his message to his listeners.

His dedication led him to find more like-minded individuals who came to be *Wrong Crowd* – a group of friends in different fields working as a team in their city & culture and striving to be a prominent voice.

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