JxSTILL – Invisible @jxstill


JxSTILL is a singer/song-writer/drummer from Long Beach, California. He was raised in church and grew a deep interest in music at a young age, gravitating to the drums every chance he got. As he got older, he started utilizing his notebook, filling them with poems. His older brother Fred, close friend Keenu, and best friend DeVante showed him different music programs and JxSTILL ran with it.

He dropped his first project in 2013 called “Internal Bleeding”. He went MIA as he finished school and then dropped his 2nd project at the end of 2017 called “2nd Street,” a well known street in Long Beach. He’s currently working on his 3rd project and dropped a single called “Invisible”. You can really hear the maturity and growth in his music through the years. JxSTILL shows promise as an upcoming artist. Watch the full length visual treatment for the single below, directed by JHD.


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