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Lil KymChii

Lil Kymchii (fka Morgan Lee) breaks into the scene, smashing TV sets and dancing in front of Egyptian pyramids, in her debut music video “Balenciaga”. The pornstar-turned-rapper demonstrates her versatility as an entertainer in her self-choreographed video, where she draws inspiration from the Nile to the Rodeo.

Kymchii cuts through on a melodic hook making her motives clear; she’s here for the money, the lifestyle, and all of the glory that comes along with being a true hustler. But, around the 1-minute mark, Kymchii verifies that she’s more than just a hustler with a pretty face and sexy body — you get a solid grasp of just how vicious her rhymes can be.

Throughout TheDJTJ-directed video, you’ll see an incorporation of stimulating images that’ll delve you into the graveyard of the digital past. The various erotic outfits and bizarre settings are reminiscent of the legend Missy Elliot’s classic visuals. Kymchii proves she’s doing away with the same old shit when she spray-paints “RIP” on a vintage TV before smashing it to pieces.

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