Matt Dodds – InMyFeelings @mattwdodds


Matt Dodds’ “InMyFeelings” has a modern day hip hop vibe with an energetic flow and catchy hook.

I composed and produced this single to express how I was feeling at that time and really wanted the listeners to connect with my lyrics while also making a song well suited for the club scenes and hip hop playlists. I had a lot of fun recording this track and filming the music video.

New Zealand Artist and Vocalist Matt Dodds, born in 1999 has been passionate about his music since a young age. Matt started off playing drums for a local band which later lead him on to become a solo artist where he would learn to produce his own beats that he could rap and sing over. He’s making waves in his city and gaining attention around the globe. His unique style, energy and melodic flows really create a vibe that everyone can connect with.

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