Mufasa Major – D.A.R.E. @mufasamajor_


Mufasa Major’s “D.A.R.E.” is “a song explaining my current state of mind. I never talk about what I’m going through, music is literally my only way. And this song was me telling the people that ask “how I been” or “are you ok”, and I said yea so I wouldn’t have to talk about it. In the words of my late Grandfather it’s me basically complaining.”

Mufasa Major is a very energetic, charismatic, artist emerging from Detroit’s Eastside. Using his raw and melodic vocals to spread his pain, joy and love all over the world. With the influence of Lil Wayne, Future, and Kanye West, Mufasa wishes to rap scream and rage to be one of the best. Witnessing his moms life struggles put him on a path to give the hopeless hope with his artistry. Get ready to enjoy a fun-wild time each time you press play.

Mufasa is notorious for his wild performances. From breaking stages in his home town to raging at SXSW & AC3. So get ready to release some anger when you come to a Mufasa Major Show.

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