NACHi – I’ll Be Fine


“I’ll Be Fine” is the latest music video from Nachi, the millennial rock star. Nachi collaborated with hitmaker prodigy Ronny J to create a euphoric, crazy track that stands on its own sonically as far Ronny’s catalog and shows what a great chemistry these two have. Hope to see more from them together soon.

Nachi grew up in Detroit making beats and playing in rock bands; in 2018 he collided the worlds of rock and hip hop to create his own unique fusion of the sounds. Rock n Roll. It just looks different now.

Nachi is a fully independent, LA-based artist, producer and influencer. His talent, charisma and style are unmistakeable and undeniable.

His tracks and unique vocal stylings have already attracted collaborations with new school hitmakers including RonnyJ, Nessly, lilCobaine, Moe Roy & BlueySport, with many more on deck.

His unique persona and on-point music and visual content is resonating with fans around the world, making him a true media sensation with staying power.


650K+ YouTube views and that’s just the beginning.

In 2019, Nachi will bring more great music and videos while he furthers his global reach through industry and brand partnerships.

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