Ronnie Diez – For The P (Directed By Teddy Knock) @RONNIEDIEZMUSIC @teddyknock


Ronnie Diez describes the lengths most men are willing to go to please their ladies in the sexually appealing visual, “For The P”

Since emerging on the music scene in 2017, L.A. based recording artist Ronnie Diez has continuously worked to out-do the impact of each prior release. His visual presentations have also lead to his steady climb of fame with their high quality and professional editing work. From his earlier pieces like “No Apologies”, to his EP effort “Forever Weekend” to the major collab with Soulja Boy on “So Crazy”; Ronnie’s has proved time and time again that he can craft a vast array of hits. Now with the debut of his latest Teddy Knock directed video, “For The P”, Diez tackles the realms of erotically fueled R&B.

Ronnie and Teddy make an incredible duo. The musical chemistry they share brings out the very best from each of them. Think if Timbaland linked with The Weeknd and that’s the formula that Diez and Knock have concocted with “For The P”. Ronnie’s subtle but intriguing vocals caress the mysterious yet inviting Teddy production. Diez cleverly sneaks in some smooth ad-libs that in some instances will pull a quick laugh out of listeners. In short, “For The P” has all the makings of a smash record.

The single alone can hold it’s own. However, it’s the brilliantly shot and edited video that just dropped that takes the song over the top. Don’t be fooled by the scantly clad ladies in the video. They’re not only enticing to the eye but under closer examination, viewers will come to the realization that there’s a deeper meaning to the video. Ronnie is illustrating the power that women hold over men, especially when it comes to providing drive to those men. Mix that with a dash of confidence and a tad of arousing sashaying and you have the making of any man’s fantasy.

One things for sure, there’s not a single dull moment in either the single or video. Ronnie made sure to hit all the marks with “For The P” and takes no prisoners. Definitely an artist to keep a close eye on, check out Ronnie Diez’ video “For The P” below and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

After enjoying the video, make sure to add “For The P” to your preferred streaming platform playlist as well.

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