Awcward X Karan Kanchan – Who Gonna Stop Me? @AwcwardMusic


Compton’s Awcward and Mumbai producer Karan Kanchan collaborate for the first time on “Who Gonna Stop Me?”. The 2 minute song is combines an enjoyable 808 pattern with rhythmic lyrics, ideal for getting you motivated.

Growing up wasn’t always easy considering the environment Awcward was around but music was always his gateway out. He was raised by his grandmother from day 1 as his mom was incarcerated and dad nowhere to be found. Despite the huge difference from the people around him, he didn’t let any of it discourage him. Young Awcward pushes through school and found his love for music to be stronger than ever; after high school he decides to run with it.

Trying to create a name for himself, Awcward loves to experiment with his craft. He has big ideas and dreams for the world, and through music he believes anything is possible. From a ghost to a legend, from nobody to a household name is what he visualizes in his near future.

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