RIIV – Beautiful


Up-and-coming artist RIIV is excited to release his new energetic single “Beautiful”. Released last month, the single details what it’s like when you realize you’re in love and how the person you’re falling for is the most beautiful soul in the world. Partnering with L2 Records to create this hit, RIIV is set to blaze a bright path in music.

Executive produced by Michael Varner, founder of L2 Records, “Beautiful” was in good hands from the start. L2, short for Live Lit, is a record label aiming to sign great artists and take them to the next level. The company name reflects the type of music Varner enjoys and the genres he wants the record label to work with – energetic, top 40 dance music. Beatmaker for the song was DJ Shaw-T. Producers include DJ Denz “The Rooster” and Chris Anger.

Originally form Haiti, RIIV moved to Connecticut at the age of 6. A rebellious teen, RIIV often ended up in troubling situations. It wasn’t until he landed in a group home that he gained a close knit group of friends and felt inspired to start singing. His journey in life has contributed to his ability to create music that leaves audiences wanting more. Emotionally connected to his music, RIIV enjoys writing songs about love and making people feel something.

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