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     The latest single from Columbia, South Carolina based artist, S.PRO, is “All Life”.  A mellow dedication of lyrical versatility and verbal imagery, this song paints a mental picture of the woman who is object of his desire. A profound beauty, in which, he recounts their interactions and will stop at nothing to prove to her is loyalty.  With smooth bravado and candid feelings, He confesses his dedication to her for “All Life….No matter what they say”.  As you listen, you will become convinced that he wins her over, in the end, and in the process S.PRO will win you over as a fan of his fresh new style….



    As this artist emerges from the talent rich, underground music scene of Columbia, South Carolina, he is far from new but everything fresh about where he comes from.  Clearly influenced by his southern roots and unique struggles, never one to be motived by notoriety or fame, S.Pro (short for Serius Productions) took his time and patience to become the artist he is today.  Working behind the scenes for a solid decade, S.Pro, is the TRUE definition of a grass roots artist.  With no formal training in music, his only true teacher was trial and error with a determination to be a better artist: To produce the music he heard around him and truly represent for what he cares about….His FAMILY and RESPECT for where he is from.  That being his fuel, he has started to transfer from the shadows and expose his talent to the masses.  Having interview features with such noted publishers (THISIS50.com, Hip Hop Headquarters, SOM and Skilly magazines) along with clothing sponsor, (Rudeboy Clothing) many have clearly taken notice of his style of music and style of charisma.  His music is inspired by everything around him and everything he has been through, coupled with a knowledge of music history throughout every genre from classical, to rock and roll, to R&B – S.Pro has become the versatile artist he has always wanted to be.  NOW is the time for YOU to take notice!!….

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