10MilliMilli “Deserve” | @10millimilli



10MilliMilli “Deserve” | @10millimilli

After a rollercoaster ride that was never to be forgotten Jamal “10MilliMilli” Trulove the rapper, singer, songwriter and actor from San Francisco, Ca. is a highly energetic emcee that is back on the scene after 7 years with the proactive single “Deserve”.

In 2007 the compelling actor/rapper was on VH1’s season 2 of “I love New York” by the name Milliown, and in the same year was pulled off of the show, being framed by the San Francisco Police department for a murder that happened in the Sunny Dale Project public housing complex. As a result  he was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. While deceptively being imprisoned for 7 years, the educated well informed emcee fought for his justice of the wrongful conviction. He stayed motivated and never stressing out to figure the circumstances out, while working on his craft which is writing music. He is what you would describe as a true go getter with plenty of hustle.

In 2018 after being falsely being accused of murder and filing a civil suit against the San Francisco Police Department, he won a $10 million dollar lawsuit. His friends added the 10 to his name Millown and that’s how he got stuck with the name 10MilliMilli. His single “Deserve” connects you with a panoramic scope of his experience, while stirring you with emotions of how he feels.

10MilliMilli has songs  recorded that he plans to release in the near future with Mistah Fab, Breed’s World  and Symba just to name a few. 10MilliMilli is so well rounded that he writes country and blues music, making him complete in one package as he re-enters the music industry. He has 3 projects worth of music stored away, so get ready to see this fresh new face on the scene, as well as talking with Netfix and HBO about his story. When he is not working on his craft you can find him giving back at the United Playaz Non-Profit Organization working with at-risk children in San Francisco, and plans on starting a non-profit of his own for violence prevention.

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