Bombay Boyz – Reapers @bombayboyzmusic


Just in time for the Halloween season, the visual to Bombay Boyz 2018 heavy hitter, “Reapers”, is here to get you whack rappers spooked about your lack of lyricism and flow. They are here as reapers, sending garbage emcees to the afterlife through the lethal injection of their bars.

The Chicago based hip hop duo, Bombay Boyz (comprised of Eric Wilhelm and Harrison Maxwell), have spent most of 2017-2018 curating showcases, promoting their psychedelic jazz hop ep Sapphire Theory, and running their cypher circuit series called Sapphire Syphers.

Currently, they are working on releasing their sophomore record sometime in early 2019 titled Jedi East. A lyrical follow up and expansion on the mythos and philosophy that is the Bombay Boyz; yet a switch in sound and style to a more hard hitting hip hop aesthetic as opposed to Sapphire Theory’s chill wave, lo-fi vibe.

The Bombay Boyz represent a unique sound within todays hip hop being influenced by Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Binary Star, Eminem, Wu Tang, Nas, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and loads of alternative rock, pop, and r&b from every era. Their content touches on a lot of subjects such as drug use, relationships, the music industry, psychedelics, alcoholism, living in Chicago, being broke, partying, lifestyle choices, and how underrated they feel that they are.

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