CSpring Ft Marlon Orlando – Veritas @cspringmusic


Struggling to find success in art is a life long task. We hold ourselves to unmatchable standards, pour every dollar into our dreams, and live on faith. At the end of the day we all search for the truth, is it worth it all? Should I continue to push forward? Am I really any good? Is it all in my head? What is the truth? This synopsis is exporled in detail on CSpring’s latest single, “Veritas”, featuring Marlon Orlando. Stream the jazzy tune on Spotify down under.

Mind Flex Records CEO CSpring is a rapper, producer, singer, and multi instrumentalist out of Boston, MA. Known for a wide variety of fusion hip hop, CSpring crafts his work from the ground up, writing, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering out of Mind Flex Studios. Known for constantly changing styles, blending genres, jumping from instruments back to the mic to build a truly unique one of a kind sound.

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