Taiyamo Denku Ft Cella Dwellas – “Blackout”


Taiyamo Denku and Cella Dwellas join forces to cut the lights off on wack rappers on the Dcypha-produced single, “Blackout”

The highly seasoned wordsmiths bombard the beat like three wild beasts. Ug twists mental matter with his fiery, chitter-chatter delivery. Taiyamo rushes the track like a mad scientist, hitting it ferociously like Marvel’s Iron Fist. Phantasm closes the track out with precedence as warns weaklings to be weary of his presence. If you cross the line, he’ll “Blackout” and pull the mac out with no questions asked. Denku ties all three verses in with a rugged hook that will literally drain your energy upon contact. Press play on “Blackout” and learn what it’s like when Wisconsin and New York team up.

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