Blastro – Digital Bags @Blastro704


Blastro is a 20 year old rapper and producer from Charlotte, NC. He started making music at a young age but began to take it more seriously in 2016. As a sophomore in college he taught himself how to produce, mix, and master music; this led to the release of his first song, “All I Want” produced by CashMoneyAP. In July 2017 Blastro released his first two official singles, Hilltop and Rari Dash. Both songs appear on his debut mixtape Digital Bags, released April 27, 2018.

“Digital Bags” is my debut mixtape. It shows my versatility as an artist as well as my ear for a solid hook. Autotuned melodies over bass heavy trap beat provide a sound very popular in the current hip hop scene. The project features production from CashMoneyAP, MJNichols, myself, and many others. Stand out records from the mixtape include: Nasdak, Way Up, Superstar, and I Got It. The project features a variety of different sounds and styles; however, it maintains its cohesiveness and easy play through ability. This project is catered to the younger generation of hip-hop, people who are fans of artists like Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty, Lil Skies, and Nav.

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