Killer Kowalski – YAY @killerkowalski_


Killer Kowalski is an artist living and working in Boston, MA. His primary art is form is music – producing remixes, instrumentals, edits, and for other artists – and occasionally writing and recording music of his own. He’s also a DJ, part-time word-putter-together, and organizer of creative events. As one of the founders of Bad Decisions Collective, Killer helps organize, book, and DJ Level Up – a monthly nightlife event in Boston, MA. In addition, Killer runs local creative sharing and collaboration sessions in the Boston area.

“YAY” is his new project and he describes it as so, “This EP started with a change in my own musical journey. Like any artist, I had heaps of unfinished music, ideas started but never brought to fruition, that I thought MIGHT have potential, but wasn’t sure how or why. It wasn’t until I started taking DJing seriously that I found the thread in these seeds and knew how to water them. Weaving my love of funk, the feeling of getting a whole dancefloor moving, and the vibe of a house party with your whole crew, YAY came together. I hope you feel the smile in each track, the maybe-too-drunk-at-the-day-party swagger, and the connection to joy in music.”

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