Wiley from Atlanta – Pink Skies (demo001) @wileyatl


“demo 001” is the first installment of the demo series brought to you by Wiley from Atlanta. Each installment will feature a demo recording as well as a live demo of the featured song. “demo 001” features “Pink Skies”, a song that has been a staple of Wiley From Atlanta’s live show for sometime. The purpose of the series is to give listeners a peak into the creative process for Wiley.

Wiley from Atlanta is an American musician born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He makes his music in different bedrooms around town, and performs in different living rooms, basements and DIY venues. He made it his mission to play as many shows as possible last year, sometimes playing multiple shows in one night. There is two parts of Wiley, half of him embodied by the construction of his songs in the bedroom. The other half an of him resides on stage fronting his band and performing rousing interpretations of his often introspective songs. Both sides are important to him, and moving forward he will be putting both sides forward, refusing to be put in a corner.

At his core Wiley from Atlanta is a writer, spending his spare moments writing music, screen plays and poetry. He fell in love with music through his love for writing, always valuing the writing of a song over all else. His music is visual, it’s easy to see the scenes he sings about. At the ripe age of 21 years old, Wiley has displayed wisdom beyond his years, he draws inspiration across the gamut from Billy Bragg’s vocal style to Andre’ 3000’s word play. Drawing on his inspiration to try to create his own version of timeless music. His voice helps with this, his vocal tone is timeless. He could sing the blues if that was what he wanted, and some of his songs borrow heavily from those sounds.

Above all else Wiley from Atlanta makes the music that represents him, he is conflicted as many of us are. Drawing influenced from the music of his parents generation, and from his contemporaries in Atlanta. Wiley would be the first to tell you though that his greatest inspiration comes from the city of Atlanta, as a member of the burgeoning underground music scene performing and collaborating with the all the great artists the world has yet to recognize.

Atlanta is a point of pride for Wiley, he carries it as a part of his name and takes it very seriously. His mission is to shine a light on the vast underground music scene that brings him such inspiration. He is one of many working to redefine the way the world thinks of Atlanta. Like many of the Atlanta music scene Wiley is ready to leave the bedrooms where his music was made, and the living rooms and basements where he has performed and reach a national stage. Finishing his first tour, and playing shows at SXSW, One MusicFest and A3C have helped Wiley realize there is no better time to step onto the national scene.

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