Young Fresh – No Clout @YoungFreshQN


Young Fresh’s “No Clout” is a straight banger. The modern 2018 trap vibe and Hard 808z make the beat an absolute power house. Young Fresh Provides energetic vocals that accompany the bouncing beat very well. Fresh also approaches from a slightly different perspective rather than flaunting what he has, he would rather point out what he is looking forward to in the future. The trippy vibe to the video makes the track all the more lively and exciting. A Feel That really makes you want head bang.

Will Blackburn, Better known as, Young Fresh, (Aka. Mr. Fresh To Death) ( Aka. The Fresh Prince) is an independent recording artist/producer from Austin, Texas. Growing up with a passion for music, Fresh learned to play the drums at a very young age. During his middle school days, he began to freestyle daily at the lunch table with friends honing his flow & lyrical abilities. These lunchroom battles are where Young Fresh met life long friend and collaborator Seth Storm, better known as Stormy Ross.

After high school, Fresh and Stormy met their first producer and began recording and released their first song ‘My Whole Team’ which generated some buzz around Their home town. After a falling out with said producer, Fresh and Stormy Ross continued their music on their own; Releasing a song a week for an entire year, Fresh and Stormy began to perfect their musical talent.

After a year of releasing music, Fresh decided to expand his ability as an artist and began producing his own tracks (songs such as ‘No Clout’, ‘Low Key’, and ‘Big Biz’) where as Stormy went on to Ghost write for multiple platinum recording artists. Young Fresh is simply out to make the best music possible. “Music is something everyone is able to consume and enjoy in their own way” says Mr. Fresh to Death, “I just want to make music that frees the soul of this wack world we are all living on.”

Young Fresh’s inspirations include: Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Kid Cudi, and of course Will Smith. If nothing less Young Fresh’s work ethic and ambition will rise him above the other artist in the game. Look forward to many new releases from Mr. Fresh to Death. There are no signs of Young Fresh slowing down anytime soon.

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