2K Jey – Twin Mercedes


“Twin Mercedes” from 2K Jey is about swagging out, driving nice cars, having fun and living life to the fullest. The single is streaming on Spotify with a forthcoming video to back it releasing soon.

2K Jey is a rising artist out of Minnesota. 2K Jey. 2K Jey oddly has never publicly revealed his age. His mix of High energy raps along with his dark melodic sound makes him a multi-genre phenomenon. His ability to crossover from creating hip-hop hits to rock/pop mood alternating singles has his name increasingly rising in the musical ranks.

Rapping for only just a year now, his impressive efforts has allowed him to quickly gain popularity through social media. His upcoming project “Fuck 2K Fuck” is becoming a highly anticipated project. His animated personally entertains plenty of viewers who comes across his content. His independent grind so far has been impressive. His single “Other Whip” has been making some waves on Soundcloud as well as songs like “Dreaming”, “Devil in Disuse” and “Switchin Up”.

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