Allah Nate – Major Figures @fuckanigganate


Allah Nate is a Young, Aspiring Music Artist from South Texas. Just starting out this year he’s been making art his whole life just venturing into the Music Industry. Growing up in the Southside of Corpus Christi, Texas with his family of all girls and single mother he’s had to learn a strong work ethic from the age of 16. His main goal is to be able to provide for his family and nephew without the long, stressful work weeks; he wants to do what he Loves and that’s music.

“Major Figures” is the first project he’s ever recorded and dropped on Soundcloud. Engineered by his friend Ryan or H4LFTIME which also has a very strong work ethic to move forward. This single describes the struggle of making it in the business. He wants to make big figures and become a popular artist.

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