Anima Vestra Ft ivri – I Don’t Wanna Know How It Feels @AnimaVestra12


Anima Vestra’s “I Don’t Wanna Know How It Feels” is a very slow paced, lo-fi hip hop song. Supplied with the amazing production from Ocean Beat and lovely vocals from ivir, we were able to create this awesome song. The song is about simply wanting to get away/over someone, but for some reason, there’s something still there keeping you connected to them. I think that’s something that pretty much everybody goes though, so they’ll be able to relate and vibe to it a lot more. The song is available on all streaming platforms.

Anima Vestra is an avid gamer gone musician. Raised in Washington DC, he grew up listening to all genres of music. From Three Grace Days and Paramore, to Owl City and A Day To Remember. His music taste is always constantly changing. Ironically, Hip-Hip/Rap didn’t come his favorite genre until 2017 shortly before he started making music.
AV has a lot of key inspirations behind him and his music. Some of his biggest musical inspirations include Adam Gontier, Adam Young, Jeremy McKinnon, XXXTENTACION, Lil Uzi Vert, and much much more! He also says that he has a lot of inspirations from video games such as League of Legends, Kingdom Hearts, Life is Strange, Gears of War, the list goes on.

He’s still very early into his career and is experimenting with sounds to see what he can improve on and what he’s currently best at. Anima Vestra wants to make all kinds of music and work with as many of his inspirations as possible, but for right now, he’s currently working on himself and trying to improve on all of his weak points and make the best quality music that he possible can.

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