Codester The Kid – Cheer Up @codesterthekid


“Cheer Up” from Codester The Kid is about a relationship going through a rough time. The couple just doesn’t see eye to eye. Fighting everyday, lying to each other, things of that nature. The main character in the song is the boyfriend and the way he’s dealing with it is acting wild with his friends by getting into fights and partying.

As the song goes on, you realize that he knows what he has and he wants the relationship to keeping going no matter how choppy the waters may seem. “Cheer up buttercup it’s not this bad all the time, cheer up buttercup you know you’re the only girl on my mind.”

“Codester The Kid” (Cody Paris) is a Michigan artist who is trying to push the envelope of alternative R&B and Hip Hop. whether it’s happy pop sounding, or dark dreamy alternative rock influenced the sad undertones will leave you always wanting another listen.

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