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Detroit YB’s second mixtape “Hustle SZN” is also his 4th official project. There are 2 different versions of the mixtape. Spinrilla has 10 songs with a few remixes of songs already out on mainstream and iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc., has 10 songs all published, written and curated by him with 2 features. Giving you his motivation and a few obstacles that hes going through to get where he wanna be on this mixtape. “Flash Dollarz” is a single featured on YB’s latest project.

At an early age, YB grew up with his single teenage mother and grandparents. Being neglected by his biological father, YB grew up becoming his own man picking up his own habits with the help of his stepfather who stepped in around the age of 6. YB picked up his love for music from his grandma playing 90’s rap which would include 2Pac, Biggie, KRS-One, Ice Cube, etc., to his stepfather being a musician(drummer).

During the early stages of high school, YB was very active playing basketball & running track but when he had time he liked to beatbox or use a pencil and bang the table while his friends free styled. Being in the streets of Detroit and always being around drugs and drug dealers, YB occupied his time into sports and learning how to make beats to stay out the way and out of trouble. One day, YB’s stepfather purchased a beat machine called the RS-7000 in which interested YB into becoming an amateur beat maker learning a few tricks from his stepfather at the time. After high school YB got accepted into Michigan State University where he was taking up Architecture and trying out for the basketball team. Most of that shifted when YB got news his stepfather passed right before enrolling in first semester. That changed life for YB and being a person who never vented or talked to people about his problems, rapping became a new hobby for him and he fell in love with it.

Even though YB found rapping as therapy that still didn’t completely heal him from his stepfathers passing. YB didn’t have anybody to mentor him or help him through his hard time so straying away into the streets while in college got him into a lot of trouble and mishaps which set him back tremendously from pursuing his career in rapping. At the time YB started rapping him and 3 of his friends started a group called “Lyrical Militia.”

Being in and out of jail set the tone for how long YB and his group was going to last. As a group their accomplishments included doing shows in Detroit and Universities & publishing a 5 track EP with a label owned by Bone Thugs N Harmony “Detroit Mo’ Thugz.” Around this time YB was transitioning into a solo artist releasing his first project/mixtape “Too Much Ambition” December 12, 2012. After a good review of his first mixtape, YB went and did a couple of singles the next year that eventually caught the attention of RocNation and he got to meet the lead A&R at the time “Lenny Santiago.” Being reviewed musically and business wise by one of the top labels in the game it opened YB’s eyes making him want to get his business side in tact so he can own the rights to the music he worked hard to produce.

YB went by the stage name “Young Bitiouz” and later on in the years he became Detroit Yung Boss (Detroit YB). Taking a 1-2 year break from recording music to work on building his entertainment “Hustle By Any Means, while working on his flow and delivery he ended up creating his first EP, second project under the name Detroit YB called “The Heart of my City.” That lead YB to leave Michigan and pursue his career in Atlanta, GA where he learned a lot about the business and networking.

Living there for 3 years YB worked with Gucci Manes engineer “Sean Paine” while Gucci was incarcerated and got a few songs produced by the popular group “808Mafia.” His second EP “3:13” & Second mixtape, 4th project “Hustle SZN” (Which he’s promoting now) got published in the process and now he’s living in LA leaving his mark in the west coast.

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