DHeusta – Dreaded Crown @DHeusta


DHeusta’s “Dreaded Crown” was produced for the nerdcore genre of music and inspired by FNAF – Curse of DreadBear, combines staccato notes and a slower BPM with a glitch feel of the band, “Mystery Skulls”, that gives it an eerie, yet fun rhythm. It calls out the fears of those who cross DreadBear’s path, but it also gives hope to the player who crosses his path as well.

After being inspired by Half•Alive, Zedd, Mystery Skulls and Charlie Puth, DHeusta has created a sound for himself that introduces a unique side to the electronic music you’re familiar with. DHeusta grew up in Arizona and, at a young age of 10, has since worked endlessly entering remix contests, winning scholarships for his music, creating a fan-base on YouTube and introducing his style to the world of nerdcore music. He enjoys collaborating and loves working with other artists who have a passion for music as he does. Through DHeusta’s music, he expresses feelings that are often thought, but never spoken.

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