Gold – Vendetta @Goldiexxo


Gold is an artist from Rogers Park a neighborhood in the north side of Chicago. Kawaun Saunders ( Gold ) was born April 22nd 1998 in Chicago Illinois. He’s been making music since 2011 he brings a real creative style to hiphop . He adapts to different genres making them his own . His music is self expressive he not only writes what he feels or what’s he’s gone through he can empathize with his audience and make their stories come to life . Gold has 5 projects out 2 of them are on all streaming services Apple , Spotify, tidal Etc the rest are on SoundCloud.

His new single is called “Vendetta” and this is what Gold had to say about the track.

“Vendetta is about respect. It’s about my competition not having to like me but at the end of the day, they got to respect my craft. Vendetta is about me taking what I deserve and leaving the “who’s the best“ debates behind.”

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