GQ Jay – No Birthdays @GQJayOfficial


GQ Jay’s “No Birthdays” is a song about a come up. Grinding for your spot and your drip, none of that sitting around wishing for things or mopping. If you want something you have to get up and get to it, it’s that simple.

Born and raised in the Bronx, GQ Jay is a New York native. He has only been doing music for about a year now. Jay has a sound people naturally gravitated too. His music is more of a melodic trap vibe but you can see he constantly switches his flows up in different tracks; gaining him a lot of hood love and a growing fan base.

GQ Jay dropped a few singles on Soundcloud getting him started to test the waters and he has a few thousands plays on each track. “No Birthdays” is his debut single available on every platform. Currently unsigned and unmanaged you will soon hear him everywhere.

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