James Garlimah – Ocean Eyes


Prepare to be whisked away to the coast line as James Garlimah presents the easy listening single, “Ocean Eyes”.

James Garlimah is a recording artist from Liberia, West Africa. In 1989, Liberia had a civil war. James father and brother barely escaped the conflict. They sought refuge in the neighboring country Nigeria and on the refugee camp, is where he was born.

Garlimah’s grandfather played a lot of Jazz and Blues around him growing up as a child. Since then, James had the urge to create music because the feeling of comfort and joy he get from listening to music is something he want to share with the world.

In 2006, his family got the opportunity to move to Canada, which is where he currently lives and breathes while still on the mission of accomplishing his goal of being one of the biggest artist in the world.

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