Lethal GK – Trust Nobody @LethalGK334


“Trust Nobody” is Lethal GK’s most recent single just uploaded to Soundcloud recently and soon will be streaming on many more platforms. The song itself just expresses the essence of what Lethal GK and many others have gone threw in life in general, while also capturing a feeling in the song that truly allows his listeners to relate to everything he speaks about during the song. This track will have a official video filmed for it soon, and will be included on Lethal GK’s upcoming mixtape titled “Con Mi Familia”.

Lethal GK, born Xavier Lassalle, has always had a love for all genres of music. After moving to the south, Phenix City Alabama to be exact, at age 16 Lethal GK began to start creating his own music, and his own sound. Being of Puerto Rican decent most all of his family is located in Puerto Rico other than, his mother, father, and older brother Flako, who introduced him to groups such as the Wu Tang Clan, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. After a while still in his early years Lethal GK began to like a certain sound of music, alot involving the Memphis and Texas Hip Hop sound.

As of now, Lethal GK is 29 years old and thru all the ups and downs he has been thru, from jail time to court cases, he managed to keep his head up by listening to his all time favorite artists. Pimp C of U.G.K and Project Pat. Now Lethal GK currently does alot of work in Atlanta Georgia where he has managed to film 2 official music videos, that can be seen on YouTube one being titled “Con Mi Familia” and a earlier video titled “Choices” directed and filmed by Amazing Video Productions. Since being back and forth from Georgia and Alabama, Lethal GK has managed to stay consistent with his music, and has built a pretty well rounded solid fan base on Instagram. For a artists who has done everything independently, from the mixing and mastering, to the promotion of his own work and his name, he has managed to create a buzz, that keeps growing larger by the day.

Alot of Lethal GK’s music can be heard on Soundcloud, Vevo, Spotify, Youtube, iHeartRadio and more. Recently he has been receiving request from fans on Instagram asking when he is going to come to there particular city to perform, so hopefully soon Lethal GK will connect with the right team of people to keep those fans happy from state to state.

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