Logan – Monster @ToyHollow


“Monster” is the latest single from Logan and was self produced, mixed and mastered. The track serves as a homage to the 2014 Future track “Throw Away” off his mixtape “Monster” while also presenting something entirely new. Catchy melodies from Logan bounce off his somber lyrics to give a replay value for both content and mood. With creative flows and hypnotic production what’s not to love about “Monster”?

Logan is a hip-hop artist from Albany, Georgia while also residing in Florida. Coming up in a small town with a harsh environment, it’s hard to aspire for something greater but Logan has been persistent in perfecting his craft up to this point. With releases like “Dopamine” and “It’s Okay, Were Okay” leading up to his latest single “Monster”, he is ready to take over. Lyrics of heartbreak, drug use and depression accompany his production to make a moody atmosphere that only Logan can create. From that he seeks to provide comfort for the broken as more and more people today fall victim to their daily struggles. Logan isn’t in this game for the money but for acceptance as his fans are the only people that can truly understand his pain and see his vision for the world.

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