Mark Ralph – The Light @kidkool3000


Embracing his demons while falling into the unknown darkness only to be illuminated by the process. Giving peace to his past and doing his best to make prudent decisions in the present, Mark Ralph presents “The Light” On the single, he takes responsibility of his addition to sex, which always seems to hurt him financially, while simultaneously maintaining his light by perusing his passion before dying in the 9-5 cycle.

Bouncing through majors at the University of Guyana in hopes to fine a doable backup plan; Mark Ralph just couldn’t seem to resonate with any program. Going through depression in this process, Mark knew he had to stop suppressing his urge to do music and just do it. The feeling of freedom & purpose sounded out as he wrote & recorded songs with little performances here and there. Ideas that have been growing in his mind finally came alive through his pen and the mic. Now on a mission to be heard by the world, Mr. Ralph is determine to make it happen, despite the odds against him.

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