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Martyn Kingsley drops “Real Life Rockstar” along with a press release explaining it in detail.

“Real Life Rockstar is the first song I’ve have recorded seriously and went to an actual studio. This song is about how rapping has impacted my life in a positive way. I talk about how when I was growing up I was kinda struggling with money and how when I use to talk to try and get girls they would just reject me, they would play around or literally would just ignore me instantly. Then when the music started to pull attention they started to show me more respect and attention. All of the songs I make have a meaning but I want people to be able to vibe to it or feel a certain way when they listen to my music.”

Martyn Kingsley (Born December 27, 1999) Better Known As “MartynGBuckets” Also known as “Lil Mart” Is an American rapper, audio engineer, songwriter, and YouTuber from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he started making music In July of 2018. His First song titled “Peso$” Was Released on July 22, 2018

He now has 3 songs out titled “Peso$” “2 Glock$” and “Vlone4Life”. The track that got Kingsley some attention is “Peso$” Amounting at 34.7k As Of October 17, 2018, “2 Glock$” with 3.3k Plays, And “Vlone4Life” having 1.4k streams on SoundCloud. “Peso$” was Kingsley’s First song. He Mainly posts his music on SoundCloud but the majority of his music is available on every platform such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Etc.

Kingsley was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, He attended Penn Wood High School In Landsdowne, Pennsylvania. Kingsley did not like school at all but he managed to do his work still but anytime he had something he felt was more important to work on. He would not attend school.

At First, Buckets was making music just for entertainment. Also when he was growing up he would freestyle all of the time since middle school throughout high school but he never decided to try and make an actual song because all of his friends and peers would tell him that rapping is not for him and he should stick to something else. So one day he decided to stop listening to people got bored and decided to record a song in the basement of his snowball blue mic. He didn’t even have a pop filter for his mic! He uploaded his first freestyle (Pe$os) and had it up on his SoundCloud for 20 days. Then 20 days later. It started to attract attention and the plays were going up rapidly.

Buckets then just watched and looked at how his song was getting lots of attention and attention. Then he decided to make another song “2 Glock$” to see if this was really real attraction coming in from the music and it amounted to over 3,000 plays. Then his friends and close friends told him that he should take on a music career. He was recording from his basement then when his close friend Jesse had a talk to him to start going to the studio. That’s when he decided that it was time for him to actually hit a studio and take the music seriously. Buckets also stated that: “My First month serious with the music was September of 2018 because that was the first time I put any type of money towards it.” The first song he has recorded in the studio and the 4th song he has ever released “Real Life Rockstar” released on October 24, 2018.

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